Natural Stress, Someone Tend Not Empathize

Someone easy to stress tend to be difficult to have a sense of empathy. It is a social phenomenon in the spotlight researchers.

These findings come after Jeffrey Mogil, the researchers from McGill University in Montreal to test in male rats were given a drug that can block the hormone that causes stress.

The reason, humans and mice are still intertwined that both can cause the same principle. Later, he observed the response when confronted with another mouse in pain.

Natural Stress, Someone Tend Not Empathize
Someone easily stressed not make him empathize (Photo: Fitnessforce)

Mogil found that mice become more empathetic towards foreign mice as if they had known each other long enough. However, when these mice exposed to stressful conditions , they become less empathetic to other mice in pain.

"This phenomenon is quite interesting, because apparently identical in mice and humans as the first to support the idea that, the mice were able to face more complex social phenomena," Mogil said, quoted byZeenews , Wednesday (01/21/2015)

He added that the trend is hard to empathize is often neglected human, so there is no sense of caring more if one of the unfortunate.
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