Healthy Fats Good For You

Eating a diet rich in healthy fats is the easiest way to control your weight. You will not easily hungry and still have more energy to train in the gym. Admin choose foods with the best fat to your diet program and a reason to stay put in your regular shopping list. Here's!

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are the only natural source pimolenic acid, which stimulates hormones and helps keep the fat in your body is kept low. In addition, pine nuts also has the highest protein levels that can suppress appetite, about 31 grams per 100 grams of it. Olive oil. 

Monounsaturated fat in olive oil not only helps break down fat stored in the body, but also can maintain a sense of satiety.Research at Cornell University in the United States revealed that people who eat bread with olive oil dipping them in advance will eat less bread than those who smear the bread with butter - meaning olive oil will help you mengonsumsi53 fewer calories than other men.

Healthy Fats Good For You

Flaxseed oil
Adding flaxseed oil to the diet can help you feel full longer. Essential fatty acids in flax seed will retain food in the stomach for a longer period of time. While high fiber content can slow the rise in blood sugar. Salmon . Important! Salmon contains Omega 3 fatty famous for turning off hunger signals from the brain. What is more, a recent study revealed that salmon can actually shrink the fat cells in the stomach, as well as blocking the pre-fat cells from turning into fat cells permanently. Walnuts . Walnuts are the healthiest nut of the family nuts with Omega 3 more. This fat will alter gene lipolytic (fat burning) you, and turn off the lipogenic genes (fat storage). Not only during the celebration of Christmas, you should eat walnuts anytime and anywhere.


Not only helps you lose weight, soy also ensures that the lost is fat, not muscle mass you.According to researchers at the University of Illinois, USA, is the content of isoflavones in soy act like estrogen, slowing enzyme that facilitates fat. Chocolate. You need to eat a plain dark chocolate, which is loaded with essential nutrients such as tryptophan, serotonin and dopamine.These nutrients help reduce appetite and block the nerve pathways that lead to the desire for food.Dark chocolate also contains catechins four times more than green tea, which can speed up the metabolism and lowering triglyceride levels.


Research in the United States concluded they can improve the feeling of fullness because it contains oleic acid. Oleic acid is converted into oleoylethanolamide (OEA), fatty acids which tells the brain when you are not hungry and prevent hunger. Coconut oil . Although it contains more than 70 percent saturated fat, coconut oil is actually a medium-chain fatty acids that goes directly to the liver and immediately converted into energy. This means used immediately and not stored in your gut.


Nuts provide a lot of magnesium, a mineral that should be owned by your body to produce energy and be able to start weight loss. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity reported that people who eat almonds every day for six months managed to eliminate 18% of their body fat. Pumpkin. Change bag of chips with your favorite super seeds. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, essential minerals needed to control appetite and blood sugar balance. Fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 which contained the seeds of this one can also increase your metabolism. Butter.

We do not say to always use butter, because these materials contain very high in saturated fat. But that is not excessive consumption of butter can be useful for you. Butter contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which help regulate the body's blood sugar levels and conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) - according to a study of fatty acids that can reduce belly fat and help build muscle.
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