Hot Shower bath Dangerous

Not few people Rely on hot water from the shower to shower. It is precisely in this way is not good for our bodies Because they can damage the body. Usually the temperature of bath with shower hot water is done at night. Side effects are actually very diverse, as quoted by FoxNews, Saturday (24/01/2015).

Because the hot water from the shower contains a lot of steam which causes a decrease in body temperature suddenly in cold weather conditions. Indeed, the side effects of bath with shower hot water is not felt immediately.

However, usually the effect will be felt morning, as the blood flow due to hot water or risking minor burns.

Hot Shower bath Dangerous

According to science, cold water has been associated with increased tolerance to stress, a strong immune system, increase fat burning and antidepressant effects.

If you are forced to shower with a shower of hot water, to stabilize the temperature, use the function shower that can emit hot water and cold water. Hose every 30 seconds in sequence, turn the faucet hot and cold water, in order not to lower the body temperature is too extreme.
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